Hi! We are Meg, Carmen, and Alina

We are looking to expand our family through open domestic infant adoption. We hope to share with you a glimpse into our marriage and family.


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Meet Meg and Carmen

We love spending time together as a family and creating new memories and traditions. We have so much love to give and look forward to parenting a second child.


Well, we met back in 2006 at a college party. I was trying to get away from a guy that kept talking to me. I walked up to the first (and biggest) guy I saw, who was Carmen, and said, “Please talk to me right now!” We have not stopped talking since!

We met very young and grew together into adulthood. We did all the big things together, including starting our careers, traveling, getting our first dog, buying a house, and then getting married in 2015.

We are both very social but really enjoy being “just us.” It sounds basic, but we just want what is best for each other. We know it takes work and dedication in a relationship and that life can throw hard things at you when you least expect it. We are both very honest and trustworthy people. Our professions require these attributes, but we try to live every aspect of our lives this way.

About Meg

I grew up in a large Irish Catholic family, I am the fourth out of five children. Interesting fact about my siblings is the large age gap. My oldest sister and younger brother have 20 years between them.

My upbringing was full of love, support, and understanding. By the time my parents got to me they had already been raising kids for decades!

Some of my best memories from childhood are simply just sitting around the kitchen table laughing and being goofy. My parents sold their house a few years ago and I still wish I would have taken the kitchen table; how can a table bring me back like that?

I love making people laugh and being there for the people I love. I have been this way my whole life.

Some things about me:

  • When I became a parent, I finally felt like the truest version of myself.
  • I love to travel and hike; I would rather be outside than in a gym!
  • I love to joke around and have a good time, even if I receive the brunt of the joke.
  • I love to entertain and bring people together.

Ice cream makes everything better!

Our favorite place

The best days are spent together

About Carmen

I grew up in a large Italian/Irish Catholic family. I am the second oldest of four. One of the things that Meg and I immediately had in common was our large families.

I grew up playing sports and outside in our neighborhood. My dad coached us and my mom was involved in all the school activities. My siblings and cousins are all close in age and now our children are the same ages so we get together often. My childhood was everything a childhood should be, I grew up in a loving, supportive home.

Some things about me:

  • Raising our daughter, Alina, has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.
  • I do everything in my power to protect, love, and provide for Meg and Alina.
  • I am there for all my friends and family no matter the time.
  • I enjoy working out and being active.
  • I love to barbecue–only burned my fingertips off once!
  • I am very social and like to talk to everyone (Meg calls me, “the mayor”)

The biggest unicorn costume we could find!

Brunch at American Girl

Trying snow shoeing for the first time!

About Alina

Big sister in training!

The coolest big sister to be

Best Friends

Alina is 6 years old and in first grade. She is silly (gets it from Meg), smart, loving, and kind.

Alina has talked about wanting to be a big sister and all the things she will teach a baby brother or sister. She has many younger cousins and has already showed so much love for the little ones. She understand what adoption is, too (as much as she can for her age).

Just the girls hanging out

Big Dreams ahead

Our Home

We live in New Jersey and we are avid Philadelphia sports fans.

We grew up close to where we live and are only a short 10-20 minute ride to siblings, parents, and friends.

We have 1.5 acres with a lot space to run around and explore. Our home is warm and inviting and we can usually be found hanging out around the kitchen island.

Our house is in a secluded neighborhood and there are a lot of children for Alina to play with. We are close with many of our neighbors and love where we live.

Fall visit to Washington D.C.

Our Family Life

We knew that we always wanted children. We were blessed with our daughter, Alina (biological), in 2017. Becoming parents has been our favorite part of our life together. As parents, we surround her with love and support and encourage learning and growing as a person.

Meg is a nurse and usually works one or two days a week; her work schedule is very flexible. Carmen works from home as a financial advisor. Alina even has a little desk in his office where she colors and writes. Carmen gets to walk Alina to the bus stop every morning and Meg picks her up off the bus every afternoon.

Ice skating in upstate NY during the holidays

Hiking the Appalachian trail

We dress up together every year, hopefully she still thinks it’s cool when she’s older!

Alina has cousins from 1 year old to 23 years old!

Nonna always makes it special

Family vacation in Virginia

Some of Our Family Traditions

Every Friday night we “camp out” in our family room. We bring down blankets and pillows and watch a movie. Our daughter is finally liking some great 90’s classics (Mighty Ducks, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Little Rascals etc.).

We travel with Alina a few times a year. We feel it is important to see the beauty and culture in the world.

We spend every weekend in the summer at our beach house down the Jersey shore. We have been known to order pizza to the beach and watch the sunset. It’s our favorite place!

Every Christmas, Santa leaves a stick of pepperoni in Alina’s stocking. The videos from the last few years have been hysterical. She is more excited about the pepperoni than anything else! Santa also used to bring Carmen the same thing!

We are Catholic and would raise the child in faith. We feel having a connection to God is important. We pray every night before bed with Alina.

Christmas magic

Stopped to see the Golden Gate Bridge

Spending time with mom-mom down the shore

Carmen’s parents live close and are very involved in their grandchildren’s lives.

Meg’s parents live with her sister because her mom has Alzheimer’s disease. Even our daughter Alina has shown so much compassion and understanding about this at such a young age.

Disneyworld 2021

Making wishes at sunset

Our Hopes & Dreams

We promise you and your child that we will surround you both with love. Being a parent never ends; we will support, nurture, and guide this child throughout every stage of life. We will work to provide every opportunity we can.

Meg plans to stay home during the first year and then see how things are going before making a decision to go back to work.

We plan to be open with your child about adoption and where they came from. We will talk to them and answer questions on age-appropriate terms. We will send you pictures and updates and are open to visits.

We respect whatever level of openness you are comfortable with. This relationship may change over time and we are open to whatever that may look like.

Love and Light,
Meg, Carmen, and Alina